We are not only a fashion brand
Infinity Wears stands for a life style,
a way of thinking and an attempt to help
people to express their highest self

The feather in our logo is the feather of an
Angel which is a symbol of intuitive knowledge
and inner guidance in life.We believe that if we
connect more with the core of ourselves, we can
access this guidance and deeper understanding.
Everything in life is interconnected and whatever
we send out is what we receive. If we bring
more mindfulness into our daily life we can
understand more and more who we truly are.
By becoming more aware of how we react to
the circumstances around us we can understand
how we create our reality and learn how to live
the life we really want to live.

The birds in our logo represent exactly that:
The freedom and the joy that comes out of a
more connected and aware lifestyle.

Last but not least the infinity symbol
is an expression of the idea that once
we step into a more centered way of living
we can create nearly everything in this infinite
universe we are living in.

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