Infinity Fanny Pack Brown




This brown Infinity waist bag combines style and simplicity. The bag of the fanny pack is clipped on to a beautifully braided leather cord. A leaf-shaped flap accentuated with leather fringes and studs at the bottom covers the bag. The belt is made in a unique style enriched with leather fringes in the front and backside.

A small pocket which can be closed with a snap button is located in the front of the bag. The regular pocket closes with a zipper. Perfect for money, id, cards or small secrets.

This waist bag is is not only stylish but gives you a lot of freedom. The fanny pack comes with an extra shoulder strap. By detaching the bag from the belt and attaching it to the shoulder strap, you can use the bag as a handbag. Besides that loops are added to the backside of the bag. You can slide a normal hip belt through these loops and create your own combination of belt and bag.

This gives you 4 options of using this cool fanny pack:

  1. Wear it as a normal fanny pack
  2. Use it as a handbag with the included shoulder belt
  3. Put it on to your hip belt of choice
  4. Only wear the stylish belt alone




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